Who we are

The members of VSANZ are the heads of the eight veterinary schools in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Professor Nigel Perkins (Chair)
    • Head of School, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland
  • Dr Henry Annandale
    • Interim Principal, School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Science, Health, Engineering & Education, Murdoch University
  • Dr Geoff Dutton
    • Associate Head of School – Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Science and Health, School of Agricultural, Environmental & Veterinary Sciences, Charles Sturt University
  • Professor Wayne Hein
    • Head of School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Adelaide
  • Professor Jon Huxley
    • Head, School of Veterinary Science, Massey University
  • Professor Paul Sheehy
    • Acting Head of School and Dean, Sydney School of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney
  • Professor Josh Slater
    • Acting Head of School, Melbourne Veterinary School, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Margaret Reilly
    • Head of Veterinary Science, College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Science, James Cook University

What we do

Our Vision: Excellence in veterinary education and research.

Our Mission: To advocate and facilitate world-leading veterinary science in Australasia, through academic collaboration, for the benefit of animals, society and the environment

Our Strategies:

  1.  ADVOCATE: for strong, valued veterinary professional and veterinary education sectors.
  2. INNOVATE: in veterinary education so graduates exceed societal demands for veterinary services
  3. COLLABORATE: to improve schools’ capacity to deliver excellence in veterinary education
  4. CHAMPION: veterinary research, to expand and maximise its impact
  5. ENABLE: by building a recognised and influential organisation