Career options for veterinary graduates

Veterinary graduates move into a wide range of exciting careers in Australia / New Zealand or overseas, such as:

  • Private veterinary practice, seeing dogs, cats and other pets, horses and/or farm animals
  • Animal welfare work with private or public organisations
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Livestock animal health and production consultancy
  • Diagnostic services
  • Research or research management – in veterinary science, human medicine and other scientific fields
  • Government veterinary work, including research, biosecurity, public health, public policy, infectious disease or food safety
  • Corporate veterinary science, including in the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutritional or allied animal health industries
  • Veterinary public health
  • Education at any level
  • international animal health, welfare or food production

Many veterinarians build on their basic veterinary degree with further qualifications. Some become specialists by completing further study and training in areas such as oncology (cancer), ophthalmology (eyes), dermatology (skin), surgery or epidemiology. Others undertake research towards Masters or PhD degrees.

Graduate profile

Click on the names below to read about some of our more recent graduates and the career paths they have taken.

Jackie Campbell (2006 graduate)
Emma Cuttance (2008)
Ren Garcia (2009)
Ruthie Henchman (2015)
Karen Jackson (2002)
Guy Weerasinghe (2011)